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Have you ever gone to the pharmacy and been “sticker shocked” at the price of your prescription; wondering why your insurance only covered so little and how are you going to pay for this? Or were you recently let go from your job and now have no prescription insurance? If you are in one of these situations and many others like it, Rx Advocates and the Patient Assistance Programs (PAP) are here to help.

Prescription assistance programs :

The goal of PAP is to keep your prescriptions within financial reach by providing financial assistance or drug free products to low income individuals who cannot normally afford them. While most all major drug companies offer these programs, not all of them are administered the same. Sometimes even different drugs within the same manufacturer are controlled differently. Because of this, eligibility requirements will vary between one program and the next. With most manufactures, the major driving force behind the PAPs is the Federal Poverty Level. To qualify for many of the programs, the household income must be below or just slightly above the amount determined annually by the Federal Government (Federal Poverty Level Guidelines), however, some manufacturers may go as high as 2 to 3 times that level to help patients qualify depending upon the medication. In addition, manufacturers typically require additional qualifying conditions such as being a U.S. citizen and/or legal resident and having no public or private insurance. Often a life-changing event such as a loss in employment or change in marital status may also qualify you for these programs.

With all of these eligibility requirements it can become quite overbearing. But with Rx Advocates on your side, we will help you get through it all.